Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woohoo! It's almost the Weekend!

We've been busy busy this week. Michael has had a Softball game almost every night. He plays with his Shop on Base. You know the little leagues they have. lol. They had a Game Tuesday Night, Last Night and they have another one Friday Night. They haven't won one game. I know I'm suppose to have faith in my team but really, They suck. Lol. They haven't had a practice in like 3 months!!

I have something I have to get off my chest. I don't like Liars, Fakers, or Two-Faced People.As you all know I found out this week that I'm pregnant. If your gonna go tell me and my husband your excited for us and then go behind our backs and tell other people we should have waited then your Two-Faced and its not acceptable. Don't tell us one thing and then say another. BE Honest and tell us what you think. However I dont really care what you have to say. You of all people have no room to talk. Yes, A Certain Person told me and Michael they were excited for us and then told some other people we should have waited. Really? You have no room to talk. You have kids who are all by different fathers. You know who you are. Seriously?

Thanks for letting me vent there, I feel better now. As for more info on me and the bay-bay. I'm 4 weeks and Due in April. I'm so excited! I'm nervous though. I gotta start eating healthier and being healthier for me and the baby.  It's kinda funny, we found out we're pregnant right before Our Anniversary. Its this weekend!! We're going to dinner, I have no idea where though and then playing glow in the dark Mini Golf. He has a surprise for me after that he says. We will see. Well I will leave you with that today. Have a Fabulous Thursday!!

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