Friday, February 1, 2013

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!

Well, Getting Back To the Swing of Things....I'm going to do a MilSpouse Friday Fill-In for the first time in a year!! Lol.

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?
-I don't think there's anything I would Change.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in January?
- Seeing Baby Girls Face via Ultrasound!

3. What are you looking forward to in February?
- Hubby's Graduating ALS, Valentines Day, Tax Return which means we'll finally be able to get Baby Girls Stuff! =)

4. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?
- Nothing. We'll just spend it at home together.

5. What is your best advice for a MilSpouse whose spouse is deployed for Valentine's Day?
- Go out! Do something for you & enjoy it!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend y'all!!!

Mrs. D

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pst. Oh my!

Wow! I haven't been on here in almost a year. The reason is my moms Internet SUCKED & My posts always took so long to post or messed up, etc. but I'm back! I found an iPhone app so maybe I can keep up now! Now for my Update since I've been gone for SO long.

The end of June, I left my moms and came back to Louisiana to prepare for Hubby's Homecoming! My Hubby came home July 1st, 2012! The end of July, We found out we're having Baby #2!! Yes, we didn't waste any time. Lol! In August we visited family in Missouri and also moved the rest of me & Brayden's stuff back to LA. In September, Hubby passed his test for the next rank in the Air Force, he passed for 2011 so now we're waiting for him to graduate School so he can sew on and get all that backpay! In October we moved into our own place(We had a roommate and I was over it. WAY to much drama while Michael was deployed). We also found out that Baby #2 is a GIRL!!! Which we are ecstatic about!! In November we visited home again, for Hubby to hunt and Thanksgiving. In December we really didn't do much. It was our first Christmas as a family which was great!

This month, Hubby's been in school so he can sew on and graduates in February.

Brayden is now 17 months old and so big! He says momma, dada, thank you, nana, num(yum), and several other things I can't think of at the moment. He learns and grow more every day.

I am now 31 weeks pregnant...due March 26th. With Annika(Ann-NAH-Kah) Jade. We are getting so excited and so Ready to meet her, especially me. I'm so incredibly miserable this pregnancy. Being Pregnant with a toddler isn't fun but add on an uncomfortable pregnancy and its NO FUN.

Well, I think that's about all I have for now. I hope I can get back on the Blog band wagon and get back on here.

With Love,
Mrs. D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wow. Its been 2 months since I updated! Brayden is now 5 months old..Him and his Daddy FINALLY met last month! It was so amazing:

That was such an amazing moment. Brayden knew his daddy, He even grabbed for him. =D Those 2 weeks were SO so so Amazing. It felt so good to have my little family together. It was Awesome seeing my boys together. They bonded so well. Then Hubbys Leave ended and Goodbye was So hard and emotional. I heard him over the baby monitor when he put Brayden down for bed and told him Goodbye for now. It was So Sweet and SO SO Sad. So Now Daddys back in the Sandbox and We're riding the last of this deployment out...Pretty soon we'll be planning Homecoming and then Brayden's 1st Birthday!! Time Flies Soooo Fast. So Thats all I have to say for now. I'll leave you with Pictures from Hubbys Visit.

I hope Everyone had a Great Day!

Mrs. D

Friday, December 2, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #65

Hey guys! Sorry, I'm always MIA. Monster man keeps me busy!! He's 3 months old now! Can you believe it? Well its friday so here is the Friday Fill-In Plus Five Crooked Halos' Five Question Friday, Which I've decided to start doing. lol. If I can continue to log on to Blogger. Anyways Link up if you want to join in!

If you wanna join in on the fun just head on over to Wife of a Sailor for details and to Link up!!

This Weeks Questions are

If I could be on any reality TV show, I'd want to be on 
The Amazing Race, They seem to go on so many fun adventures.

This past Thanksgiving was 
The first Thanksgiving in 5 years that I've spent away from Hubby...We've ALWAYS spent thanksgiving together, its the only holiday for some odd reason we've always got to spend together. 

I'm looking forward to December because
 it's My favorite month of the year! Plus it's Brayden's First Christmas!!

One thing I'd like to accomplish this month is  
Catching up on my sleep! That is if Brayden allows. He sleeps well through the night now but I still haven't caught up on my sleep

To me, winter is
not fun. I do NOT like cold unless there's Snow on the ground. lol. 

What is your favorite Christmas decoration in your house?
Hmmmm, This would Have to be...My Little Patriotic Christmas Tree. Yes, I have two Christmas Trees, normally. Though since I'm at my moms for this Christmas I only have my little tree. It's a 4' Blue(Literally) Tree, With White Lights and Red and White Ornaments. I LOVE it. 

Do you finish your Christmas shopping early or are you a last minute type?
Well, I would say I'm in the middle. I'm not early but I'm not late. I just kinda buy as I go along too. For Example, Every time I go somewhere if I see something I want to get for a gift I throw it in the cart, When I feel like I've finally have bought enough for everyone, I'm done. lol.

When do you turn on your heat?
When it gets Cold, Whenever that is. Yes, It's cold out so The heat is on. 

Do you ever wish your blog was private?
Nope. Not many People Know about it Anyways.

Do you put your deodorant on before of after you put on your shirt?
Most of The time it's Before. Sometimes After.

I hope Everyone has a Great Weekend! This weekend will be full of Christmas Festivities for me. Living Windows(cool event, Basically all the downtown businesses in the Capital City have little concerts and stuff in their windows. it's REALLY cool!) and then the Town Christmas Parade Saturday!

Mrs. D

Monday, October 3, 2011

He's Hereeee and other Nonchalant Stuffs

Hello! First of all SO sorry for being MIA AGAIN. The last couple of months have been Busy busy busy. I was preparing for Brayden and then he came & is keeping me on my toes! He'll be 6 weeks on Wednesday! So I guess y'all wanna know all about his birth...

On August 20th, I started having contractions...But it wasn't hard labor. In the time span of the 20th through the 23rd I only dilated 1 1/2 cm. and had been to the hospital twice. I was Miserable with the contractions. On the 23rd, I went to see my OB and She decided to induce me the next day. 

August 24th, 2011- I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am. I was induced at about 7:30 am. My Contractions started to get regular and more intense at 8:30 am, Michael and I started Skyping, We Skyped the rest of the time. They broke my water at about 10 am. I got my Epidural at Noon. After that Everything was all goood. lol. At 4:15 pm I started Pushing, as my husband yelled through the laptop to push, my mom screaming push harder in my ear and my MIL being my good Coach, LOL...46 Minutes later at 5:01 pm Brayden Michael was born weighing 7 lbs, 5 oz and 19 in long with a FULL head of hair! He is the most handsome baby, If I say so myself. lol. He's good for the most part...Only cries and screams when he's hungry. 

Hubby being Deployed is tough and he's dying not being here to hold his son but He sees him on Skype A LOT, I take lots of pictures and videos so he doesn't 'miss' to much. I'm exhausted but that's just the life of a new mommy. 2 Weeks after Brayden was born I got sick with Mastitis...that SUCKED. 104.1 Fever, Flu like symptoms and EXTREME breast pain. Yuck. I'm much better now though =) Well that's about all I have for now...or have time for. I leave you with Pictures of my Handsome Son.

Mrs. D

Just minutes old!
1 month old!

2 Weeks Old
Mommy and Baby Yesterday

Brayden and his Daddy doll.

Sleeping on Mommy, Just minutes ago.

Yesterday Before Church =)

Cuddles <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill In #49

Hey Ya'll. Sorry I've been MIA. I've just been Super busy with Brayden coming so soon, I've been preparing for him. So I'm going to attempt to blog more, no promises though because today marks 35 weeks!!! You guys know what that means? Pretty soon I'll be having this little munchkin of mine and then I'll be busy for a little while until I have a routine with him.
Hubby is now in the sandbox =( He left the end of June. So its been about 3 weeks now and I miss him like Crazy. I'm ready for this deployment to be over and it's barely started. Ugh. Oh well, Everyday is another day down.

It's Friday! That means its time for another Mil-Spouse Friday!!

Wanna Join in? Just head on over to Wife of a Sailor for details and to link up!!

This weeks Questions are:

If you could have a private concert with any singer, who would it be? 
Hmmm...Blake Shelton. I love me some Blake *Licks lips* lol.

Is there anything you do to supplement your family’s income?
I don't. When we got married hubby told me I didn't have to work and I didn't drive so I didn't get a job for that reason. Maybe Someday I will get the job I want.

During your pregnancy (whether past, present, or future), what did you nickname your unborn baby before you knew the sex?
When we first found out and seen the first ultrasound, I started calling him my little bean. Then the next ultrasound, He looked like a little Bee and I told Hubby who thought I was crazy for calling our baby a bug, lol. But I started calling him our Lovebug.

Have you ever won a blog giveaway? If so what did you win?
Nope. I havent entered many either.

If I looked into your refrigerator right now, what would I find?
LOTS of stuff. Lol. I couldn't even tell you everything in my parents fridge, which since I'm here the next year is mine too. lol. We have 4 people in this house and they just throw the most craziest things in there and forget about them...Like the other I found Candy Corn from last Halloween!!!

Well thats about all I have for today! I hope everyone has a Fabulous Weekend!!

Mrs. D

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back!!

Well I promised I'd be back a week ago...Sorry, I've been busy the last week. I also promised an explanation of why the MIA. Well Hubby had a 4 day weekend and got to leave the base he's training on Memorial Weekend..SO I flew (my very first flying experience, btw) to Louisiana and we spent a wonderful 4 days together. He felt Brayden kick for the first time too!! Which by the way, Was the cutest thing ever. lol. It was an Awesome Weekend but it went WAY to fast. Now I have to wait a year until I see him again, well 6 months or so really since he does get r&r and all. BOOOO to Deployments!

So in the last week that I've been gone I've had my glucose test(boo) but evidently I didn't fail it because they haven't called me. lol. I've been super busy with my family this week too. I dont think I've even really spent ONE day at home. Whew. My mother wears me out...I forgot how much on the go she is ALL the time. I am now 29 weeks! Man, I cant believe how fast it's flying, I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant! Well, I think thats about all I have to say for today. I'll leave you with a picture of me and hubby from our fabulous 4 day weekend together.

Mrs. D