Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back!!

Well I promised I'd be back a week ago...Sorry, I've been busy the last week. I also promised an explanation of why the MIA. Well Hubby had a 4 day weekend and got to leave the base he's training on Memorial Weekend..SO I flew (my very first flying experience, btw) to Louisiana and we spent a wonderful 4 days together. He felt Brayden kick for the first time too!! Which by the way, Was the cutest thing ever. lol. It was an Awesome Weekend but it went WAY to fast. Now I have to wait a year until I see him again, well 6 months or so really since he does get r&r and all. BOOOO to Deployments!

So in the last week that I've been gone I've had my glucose test(boo) but evidently I didn't fail it because they haven't called me. lol. I've been super busy with my family this week too. I dont think I've even really spent ONE day at home. Whew. My mother wears me out...I forgot how much on the go she is ALL the time. I am now 29 weeks! Man, I cant believe how fast it's flying, I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant! Well, I think thats about all I have to say for today. I'll leave you with a picture of me and hubby from our fabulous 4 day weekend together.

Mrs. D