Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello, Morning Sickness.

Well. I do believe my 'morning' sickness has arrived. My nausea gets worse and worse. I came so close to losing my Breakfast this morning. Yuck. This is the one thing I'm definitely NOT excited about. If you all have any advice for me on this, please do give it. I also think the Hubby is having Sympathy Pains. If you have advice for him too, I'll relay him the message. 

My Best Friend called me yesterday in tears. She found out yesterday that she too is pregnant. She's between 6-8 weeks. She wasn't ready for this. She has a two year old already. and I definitely wasn't ready for the next thing that she told me. That it could be my brothers. Talk about shocking but I also kinda figured something was going on between them lately. My brother definitely doesn't need to be having a baby, however. He's 34 years old, Jobless and Still living with my Mother.

On a Brighter Note: We'll have puppies in about a week or Two!! We're super excited! I can't wait to see them! I will post pictures when their born.
Well, I'm sorry this is so short but I'm extremely nauseated and feeling sick. So until next time...
Have a Fabulous Day!!

Mrs. D

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