Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 8

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes. Ah yes, The wonderful word has started: Packing. Ugh. Yesterday after Hubby got off our evening consisted of Box Shopping. We went to different stores and etc trying to get boxes. We probably got about 50 of them. Now the wonderful thing called packing has begun. Yuck. I can't wait til its over, we're unpacked and settled. Ahhh yes, Thats the dream. lol.

Its time for Day 8 of  30 Days of Me.

Day 8: A photo that makes you angry/sad

I really had to think about this one.  I don't have any, surprisingly in my own collection of photos. There's many pictures I've seen that have made me angry and sad. There's one I wont post due to I don't know her and She may not like people sharing it as much as they do. But there's a picture I have seen of a Widow laying by her Fallen Husbands Casket. It makes me cry everytime. Now a Picture that reallllly angers me?

We've all heard about them. We all have atleast seen pictures. Some have seen them at Military Funerals and other various Funerals and Such. The Westboro Baptist CULT. I will not call them a church. Because they are NOT a church.

Well, Thats all for Today. Have a Fabulous Day!

Mrs. D

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